Dinosaurs and Reptiles

The most famous of all fossils, dinosaurs have a somewhat troubled modern history. Some of the most fossiliferous sites in the world have been dinosaurian collection or export in response to the hasty collection made by commercial collectors; because of this, prices have been on the rise for the last fifteen years, causing an increase in black market sales.

Although we personally believe in reforming fossil export laws for specific countries, we pride ourselves on the provenance of our pieces. All of our dinosaur and reptile fossils are either collected from legal locations or were exported prior to bans, with documentation available for certain specimens.



Triceratops horridus teeth from the Judith River Formation


$12 per specimen

These are shed Triceratops teeth from Montana that have fine preservation and display well. They are excellent for education or dino-crazy kids because of their authenticity and affordability – and what can beat holding a dinosaur tooth! These specimens measure approximately 1″.


Juvenile Mosasaur teeth from Cretaceous Morocco

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$4 per specimen

These Mosasaur teeth are a perfect gift for the young dinosaur scholar, though they actually belong to a marine reptile. These are complete, unrepaired crowns in good to excellent condition that range in color from tan to pale orange, and are great for education. These teeth average around 1″, but we will try to accommodate specific requests for color or size.

Discosauriscus pulcherrimus Tetrapod from Czechia

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This Permian reptiliomorph is famous for its role in mapping the evolution of reptiles – though it is an amphibian – and this 6″ specimen is also a beautiful example of an articulated skeleton. The spine and skull preservation on this piece are outstanding, although the limbs and ribs are present on the piece as well. Discosauriscus is important in science history, though only infrequently do specimens become available. This is an affordable example, with the skull setting it apart from other pieces, perfect for the history fanatic or reptile collector!

Hyphalosaurus Marine Reptile Skeleton from the Jehol Biota


This is an incredible Cretaceous Hyphalosaurus lingyuanensis with beautiful bone detail and preparation, that is nicely outstretched against a wood-backed and coated matrix. The specimen is a freshwater marine reptile from China that was imported in the late 1990s. Hyphalosaurus (syn. Sinohydrosaurus) skeletons are rarely found this large and well-preserved, with white bone against a gray-white shale matrix. The piece has roughly 10-15% restoration on the pelvis and digits, in addition to the coating on the matrix due to its fragility, but the skull, tail, and vertebrae are all original; the skeleton measures an impressive 31″ from head to tail. We can provide more information and pictures upon request; this is one of the largest and best preserved specimens I have seen!

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