Reese’s Rocks is committed to helping teachers and counselors introduce children to fossils in an interactive, hands-on way by providing teacher discounts and classroom activities, as well as resources to teach here.

If you are located in Virginia and would like to discuss options for presentations, please use the contact page! For most presentations, I am supported by grants, and do not request funding from your school.


Comprehensive Paleontology – what is fossilization? what different kinds of fossils are there? How does academic paleontology work? Commercial paleontology (Grade Level: MS/HS) This presentation covers all the following topics and can increase in depth up to late HS:

Fossilization – how does it occur? What are different kinds of fossilization? (Grade level: MS)

Commercial Paleontology – how are fossils collected? What are the ethics behind this? (Grade level: HS +)

Time Periods – how do organisms evolve over time? (Grade level: MS, HS +)

Virginian Fossils – what are local fossils? (Grade level: MS)


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